John Waynick

Artist. Creator. Storyteller. Teacher.

John Waynick, The Digital Alchemist

Unreal Engine Expert

I'm a Creative Director with a background as a Technical Environment Artist. I have a background in Games, Virtual Production, and VR Simulations. I've had a passion for working with Real Time Technology and have been using Unreal Engine since version 2 in 2001.

I've journeyed through the film, game, and simulation industries to experience multiple sides of 3D technology, with a heavy focus on environments. One of my proudest feats was making the jump over into Virtual Production to help bring the long time knowledge and optimization techniques from a Game Industry perspective to help studios push the boundaries with real time technology in productions like The Mandalorian and Ahsoka.

I've been an educator for over a decade teaching Unreal to all ages. From special guest appearances at primary schools, to directing curriculum for vocational schools, to leading international workshops across the ocean, I take every chance I get to share my knowledge and experience with Unreal Engine.

I specialize in leading and inspiring teams. This is why I teach. This is why I take on Lead Roles.

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